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Having a hard time picking the right activity for you? Looking to spend the day out on the water having a blast?
Choose one of our packages and you will be sure to have long lasting memories of it!
People want to try it all! Or Sometimes, within your group, not everyone wants to to the same thing!
Pure fun, in bundle!


What is it?

Are you an adrenaline junky?! Pick 2 activities out of Parasailing, Jet skiing or Flyboarding and enjoy the incredible thrill of the Water Splash Package!
Why settle for one when you can do both!

Pick any 2 activities From:

• Parasailing
• Flyboarding (20min)
• Jetski ride (30 min) ~ add extra 30min $50

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$210     $175


What is it?

Ultimate Package is our best seller! It is called Ultimate for a reason, enjoy every activity that we offer on our unique 4 hours adventure with Miami Watersports. Highly recommended to thrill fanatics, from breathtaking views of parasailing, to Miami best Jetski tour!

Whats included?

• Parasailing
• Flyboarding (15min)
• Jetski ride (30 min)
• Kayak/ Sup (1 hour)

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$325     $239

Departure Point:


That hang time you get when Skydiving you will get here with Parasailing in Miami’s skyline.

Fly like Iron Man and swim like a Dolphin! With our qualified instructors you will be able to fly in the air after few minutes!

Our Jet Ski Rental Tours offers you an incredible adventure. See how you can ride freely across Miami’s waters.