Paddle Sports

$ 30 /person
  • Single Kayak
  • Double Kayak
  • Stand-up Paddle Board
More Details
  • 3-years old minimum to participate.
  • 18 yrs + to rent
  • Paddle on your own without a guide.
  • Parent or guardian must sign waiver for minor(s).
  • It is recommended to bring a personal phone to call us if needed.
Activity Description

Upon arrival at our scenic beach location, you’ll be greeted by our professional instructors. They will guide you to the best option suited to your skill level. After checking in, our instructors will help you launch from the beach, and you’ll be able to paddle through our beautiful bay on your own. Paddling along the beach is an excellent choice, as it allows you to take breaks on the shore as needed.

Payment Accepted
  • We accept debit, credit, or cash.
  • Cards must be chip-enabled and name should match with a valid government picture ID.
  • American Express, digital payments, gift cards, non-chip cards are not accepted.
  • Cardholders must be present at check-in with their card and ID.
  • The card used for online reservation should also be present at check-in.
  • A card authorization form must be completed before activities. The card and photo ID will be kept on file.
  • A card authorization form is required to be completed at check-in.

"Beach" Sailing Center

Activities Offered

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25.745568, -80.192366

Miami Watersports

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Dinner Key Marina

3400 Pan American Drive, Miami, FL 33133 (Pier 9)

Miami Watersports Sailing Center

Hobie Cat Sailing, Windsurfing, Kayaking, Paddle-Boarding, Wing Foiling, E-Foiling

(Exact Map Coordinates)
25.745568, -80.192366

Paddle Sports FAQs
  • Should I kayak or paddleboard?
    If you enjoy sitting low to the water and using a double-bladed paddle, kayaking might be the perfect choice. On the other hand, if you prefer standing and using a single paddle for propulsion, paddleboarding could be more suitable. Our staff can provide guidance based on your interests and experience level to help you make the best decision for your adventure.
  • Can I bring my dog along?
    Yes, we love furry companions! Dogs are welcome on our rentals, but please ensure they are well-behaved, comfortable around water, and under your control at all times. Don't forget to bring a life jacket for your pooch too!
  • Am I allowed to bring food and drinks?
    Absolutely! We encourage you to bring snacks and refreshments to keep you fueled and hydrated during your adventure. Just remember to pack responsibly and dispose of any waste properly to help keep our waterways clean.
  • Are there designated spots to take breaks or have a picnic?
    Yes, you may stop at multiple spots along the beach, or kayak out to a nearby sandbar to take a break, stretch your legs, and enjoy a picnic. Our staff can provide you with recommendations for the best places to stop based on your preferences.
  • Is kayaking/paddleboarding difficult?
    While kayaking and paddleboarding can require some physical exertion, they are generally suitable for beginners. Our rentals include equipment suitable for all skill levels, and our staff will provide basic instructions and safety guidelines before you set out. With a little practice, you'll be gliding through the water like a pro!
  • Do I need prior experience to rent a kayak or paddleboard?
    No prior experience is necessary! Our rentals are perfect for both beginners and experienced paddlers alike. Our staff will be happy to provide instruction and assistance to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience on the water.
  • What should I wear for kayaking or paddleboarding?
    We recommend wearing comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing that you don't mind getting wet. Quick-drying materials such as nylon or polyester are ideal. Don't forget sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Is it safe to kayak or paddleboard alone?
    While it's always more fun to paddle with friends or family, solo paddling can be a peaceful and rewarding experience. However, we recommend that less experienced paddlers or those unfamiliar with the area consider paddling with a group or hiring a guide for added safety and peace of mind.
  • Can I rent equipment for an extended period?
    Yes, we offer hourly, half-day, full-day, depending on availability. Whether you're planning a short outing or an extended adventure, we have flexible rental options to suit your needs.
General Beach FAQs
  • How does Price Match work?
    Our company provides quality water sport activities at competitive rates. We're committed to matching any deal found, maintaining our status as the most budget-friendly water sports company in South Florida. Price match conditions include:
    • Show competitor’s deal proof at check-in.
    • The deal proof must include all relevant information.
    • We must be able to contact the competitor.
    • Competitor must be in Miami.
    • The deal must be for the same activity option /time as your booking.
    • Available for walk-ins only, not with prior paid bookings.
    • Applies to online deals, including Groupon.
    • Price matching not available for Paddle, Wind activities at our Beach Location.
  • Types of Payments accepted?
    • We accept debit, credit, or cash.
    • Cards must be chip-enabled with the holder's full name printed, matching a valid government picture identification (driving license, passport, etc.).
    • Cardholders must be present at check-in with their card and ID.
    • A card authorization form must be completed before activities. The card and photo ID will be kept on file.
    • The card used for online reservation should also be present at check-in.
    • We do not accept American Express, digital payments, gift cards, non-chip cards, or cards without matching ID.
  • Bathroom; Lockers; Showers..?
    • Portable restrooms exclusively for our guest. However, we do recommend to our guests to come already changed in their proper attire.
    • Access to a water hose if they wish to shower after the activity.
    • We provide a group locker dock box for storing shoes and bags, but no private lockers. The box is locked until the group returns. Our company is not liable for lost, stolen, or damaged items. Only cell phones are allowed during activities. We advise bringing the bare minimum.
  • Bad Weather/ Cancellation Policy
    Our certified staff ensures safe conditions for all activities, with the right to reschedule due to weather or operational issues. In case of unsuitable conditions, non-expiring vouchers will be issued for use across our services. While we understand the inconvenience of weather-induced cancellations, we maintain a strict no-refund policy. Please arrive 15 minutes before departure to avoid being considered a "no show", risking rescheduling or missing out. Vouchers can be transferred with management approval at our facility. For further inquiries, please email us at [email protected].
  • Is There Parking?
    Customers will be able to park in LOT 62 using the “Pay By Phone” app. It is a very short walk from our facility. Our company is not associated with the parking lot, any parking ticket or car theft issues will have to be dealt with directly with the city of Miami.
  • Reservations vs Walk-ins?
    Reservations can be made online or by phone, and are recommended for guaranteed spots and large groups. Must complete our Online Waiver and Jet Ski Exam (if needed) prior to arrival to validate a reservation. Walk-ins are welcome for spontaneous visits. While availability might not be immediate, we accommodate a high volume of customers promptly.
  • What days/ times are you open?
    We are open every day from 10 am until sunset. We have departures scheduled every hour. Please note that departure times may vary depending on weather conditions and availability. We highly recommend booking in advance to secure your preferred time slot and ensure availability for your desired activity.

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